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At Martin Cuthbert Landscapes we believe a project should reflect you.

Whether it’s a cutting-edge construction, a lush garden in bloom, or a relaxing oasis in which to while away the day, we take the time to cultivate an affinity and rapport with you. From this a creative landscape can flourish.

With a deep understanding of the elements of steel, stone, water and flora we create a landscape that will truly reflect you.
It’s in our nature.

Outdoor 14/07/2017

Fire Pits – Add ambience and warmth to your outdoor area

Extend the use of your outdoor area into the cooler months with the installation of a Martin Cuthbert designed and installed fire pit.
Recreate the good times and memories of camping and BBQ’ing with family and friends without having to pack the tent!

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Gardening 24/05/2017

Sustainability Without Sacrifice

Perth homes are all about balancing the need for infill. Small blocks shouldn’t have to miss out on entertaining in Western…

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Playground 27/02/2017

Nature Playscapes – an escape from the electronic world!

“Go outside and play!” Said every parent at least once. With an ever increasing offering of accessible video games and electronic entertainment, the days of outside play seem to be dwindling.

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Alfresco 27/02/2017

Inside Out Living

An unseasonably cold summer may have put a damper on your summer outdoor entertaining, but with an alfresco area, that doesn’t have to be the case.

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Gardening 13/02/2017

A Goddess in Your Garden Bed

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and though it falls on February 14th each year, it can often spark a last minute panic about what to give to your loved one. Instead of the usual presents of chocolate or wine, why not gift a red rose plant this year?

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Gardening 06/10/2016

Steel, Stone and Water

With a deep understanding of the elements of water, steel, stone, and flora we create a landscape that will truly reflect…

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