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At Martin Cuthbert Landscapes we believe a project should reflect you. Whether it’s a cutting-edge construction, a lush garden in bloom, or a relaxing oasis in which to while away the day, we take the time to cultivate an affinity and rapport with you. From this a creative landscape can flourish. With a deep understanding of the elements of steel, stone, water and flora we create a landscape that will truly reflect you. It’s in our nature.

Winter is the best time to prune deciduous fruit trees such as apples, pears and plums. These trees will fruit whether or not they are pruned. The aim of pruning fruit trees is to produce reliable quality crops, with good size fruit on a manageable size tree. Deciduous trees are pruned in winter, once they have lost all foliage – it is easier to see what you are doing and removal of dormant buds (growing points) invigorates the remaining buds. Remove any dead, whippy or crossing branches to give an open framework and not too many competing branches, as it won’t fruit properly. Remove any crossing and low branches and any old fruit. Apples and Pears are the best fruits to espalier on walls or fences, but I have also seen Plums and Nectarines fruit successfully as espaliers. Apples The bud on the end of branch won’t fruit, so cut back to a few buds. The branch that comes off the side of the larger branch is called a lateral. Leave these as they will produce spurs for next year’s fruit. The fruiting spurs (little knobbly bits) will develop apples this season. Always prune at an angle. Pears – fruit on the spurs, (like apples) but also on the end of first year laterals, and so when pruning reduce the terminal and leave these branches to fruit next year. Plums They need to be trained in a vase shape. Use strong branches to form the frame. Remove any tall, thin branches. Plums fruit on spurs and first year laterals, so remove any old or dead wood – this will promote new growth. Nectarines and Peaches They need to be trained in a vase shaped tree. They bear fruit on last year’s growth. They need fairly severe annual pruning to encourage vigorous new shoots for the next year’s fruit. The MCLA maintenance team are really handy with the secateurs when it comes to fruit trees. They can also carry out the Winter pest control required. Please get in contact if we can help: call us on (08) 9384 9555 or fill in the form below. ENQUIRE TODAY ABOUT PRUNING YOUR FRUIT TREES [contact-form-7 id=”963″ title=”News Page Contact Form”]
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The best time to prune roses in Perth is during winter, once the plants have lost their foliage. Remove any branches that are totally dead, and prune any branches that cross each other. The aim is to open up the centre of the bush, so that air and sunshine can enter. Remove any old branches to encourage new growth. One third to one half of the bush can be removed. Always prune to an outward facing bud and cut at a 45 degree angle away from the bud. Shrub, Old fashioned and climbing roses need to be pruned slightly differently to other roses and this is where the MCLA landscape maintenance team can help this winter. Our garden maintenance staff are all trained in rose pruning. They have the knowledge to know when and what to spray and fertilise to get your roses off to a good start in spring. Get in touch today: call us on (08) 9384 9555 or fill in the form below. CONTACT US TODAY TO KNOW MORE ABOUT PRUNING [contact-form-7 id=”963″ title=”News Page Contact Form”]
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Succulent Bowls are the latest must have botanical burst for your home or office. Extremely low maintenance, succulent bowls look amazing all year round. We offer a number of different sizes and configurations so no two succulent bowls will ever look the same. Choose from: White Terrazzo Round Stone Look Bowls 30cm diameter x 9cm height Choose from 7 different varieties of succulents Cost $120.00 We can arrange delivery for a small fee or you are welcome to collect from our Mt Claremont location. Hanging Glass Bulb Perfect to sit on a desk/table or can be easily hung. Approx. 12cm diameter x 13cm high Contains succulent plants, approx. 1.5 -2 of differing size Costs $25.00 We can arrange delivery for a small fee or you are welcome to collect from our Mt Claremont location. Like all of the botanical life we bring to our client’s homes and gardens we want them too only get better with time. That’s why we will supply you with a simple guide to make sure your succulents flourish. As always you can talk to the team here at MCLA re any questions you may have. To order your succulent bowl call us on (08) 9384 9555 or fill in the form below. View Larger View Larger View Larger CONTACT US TODAY TO ORDER YOUR SUCCULENT BOWLS [contact-form-7 id=”963″ title=”News Page Contact Form”]
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Extend the use of your outdoor landscaping into the cooler months with the installation of a Martin Cuthbert designed and installed fire pit. Recreate the good times and memories of camping and BBQ’ing with family and friends without having to pack the tent! MLCA can design and install fire-pits to suit your outdoor landscape design; corten steel, granite, stone or clay. They can be designed with or without a grill for BBQ’ing. Enjoy the smell of timber with a wood burning fire pit, or chose to use coal or gas fires. A well designed fire pit enhances the ambience of your outdoors, will be the centre of social gatherings and can provide an easy and fun answer to outdoor cooking – campfire-style! Talk to the MCLA team about the perfect fire pit for your outdoor area. View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger  
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MCLA Vertical Garden
Perth homes are all about balancing the need for infill. Small blocks shouldn’t have to miss out on entertaining in Western Australia’s magnificent weather, so outdoor spaces have become a lot easier with self-sustainable gardening. Vertical and rooftop gardens provide attractive screening, insulation and environmental control in very small spaces. Martin Cuthbert Landscape Architecture is the only authorised suppliers and installers in Western Australia of Fytogreen products. Martin Cuthbert Landscape Architecture’s vertical and rooftop gardens can transform your outdoor space into a luxurious oasis. The gardens are designed to satisfy your desire to grow your own vegetables and herbs, create private areas that provide intimate outdoor entertaining, or simply for your own pleasure. Vertical gardens create microclimates that shield from heat, air pollution and noise, and reduce water usage that is relative to crop production. They improve your neighbourhood environment by providing a habitat for local fauna such as bees, butterflies, and birds, and can also help to maintain biodiversity. Originally Published in Western Australia Pool & Outdoor Design Edition 10 CONTACT US TODAY FOR AN OBLIGATION FREE DESIGN [contact-form-7 id=”963″ title=”News Page Contact Form”]
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“Go outside and play!” Said every parent at least once. With an ever increasing offering of accessible video games and electronic entertainment, the days of outside play seem to be dwindling. However, Martin Cuthbert Landscape Architecture are trying to remedy this by designing play areas that inspire kids and draw them away from the electronic world. As a father himself, Martin Cuthbert’s philosophy when it comes to creating play areas for children is to optimise the amount of space that kids can use. “Giving them a blank space, gives them room to create.” This premise is at the very centre of every outdoor play area that MCLA create. By giving kids a safe, open and natural environment you provide an escape that is often more fun than manmade structures. “Keep the elements pretty simple – kids like to create a world of their own,” says Martin. And from a design perspective, this philosophy is ideal. It allows for the creation of an inviting play area for kids, whilst still maintaining the aesthetics of the garden and outdoor living space. The ‘playscapes’ created by MCLA take the Nature Play concept to the next level. Martin likes to craft ‘secret gardens’ – hideaways that kids can call their own. The appeal, he says, is that this hidden space becomes a place that children can customise and fill with their own treasures. When creating these spaces, the key, according to Martin, is to “encourage their imaginations – not to impose our ideas.” So the next time you’ve had to tell your kids to get out of the house, give MCLA a call on 08 9384 9555. We’ll create a playscape that will have you begging your kids to come inside for dinner! CONTACT US TODAY FOR AN OBLIGATION FREE DESIGN [contact-form-7 id=”963″ title=”News Page Contact Form”]
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Inside Out Living

An unseasonably cold summer may have put a damper on your summer outdoor entertaining, but with an alfresco area, that doesn’t have to be the case. An alfresco area is a living space that creates a “transition between indoors & outdoors.” It is a continuation of the home, and if designed well, can seamlessly blend into the indoor living spaces. They are highly customisable, adaptable and can be built in almost any space. As they are a built structure, they must comply with building codes, but as a registered builder, Martin Cuthbert takes care of all of this. An appeal of alfresco areas is that they provide all weather protection, a key selling point in our climate! Roof structures can be fixed or retractable, and shutters can keep sun out and whilst letting the breeze in. When it comes to design, Martin Cuthbert believes that “the key is to strike a balance between the practical elements and visual appeal”. With the range of fittings available, the possibilities are virtually endless. 925
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and though it falls on February 14th each year, it can often spark a last minute panic about what to give to your loved one. Instead of the usual presents of chocolate or wine, why not gift a red rose plant this year? In the language of flowers, the red rose represents love. In the days of Greek and Roman history, the red rose was closely linked to Aphrodite, or Venus, the goddess of love. Shakespearian times then affirmed the romantic symbolism of the red rose. It has appeared in poetry and pop culture throughout the ages. To date, it remains a powerful symbol of passion and love. Martin Cuthbert is highly knowledgeable when it comes to roses. Her most favourite rose is the Papa Meilland. “Its lovely velvety dark red petals give off the most magnificent perfume!” On planting roses, she advises growing them in the ground or in a large pot in a sunny position. They’ll need to be watered on the dry days and pruned throughout the winter. And if rose maintenance is not your forte, MCLA offer a rose pruning, spraying and fertilising service during the winter months. When cutting flowers for your loved one, our Senior Horticulturist recommends cutting a long stem to promote the growth of new flowers. So don’t be predictable this year! Consider a living gift, a red rose shrub, that will flourish for years to come.
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