Landscape Design 25/03/2021

7 Landscape Design Principles To Follow If You Wish To Augment The Value Of Your Home

7 Landscape Design PrinciplesThere are several reasons why you may request a landscape design be created so that you can have landscaping outside your property. These include moving to a new property in Cottesloe where the garden is not entirely to your liking. You might wish to provide your immediate family with a safe and welcoming area where they can relax or play. Or you might be someone who has lots of outdoor parties and BBQs and wish to create the ideal space for those.

Often it will not be a single reason that seals the decision to have new landscaping, but a combination of them. However, there is one reason which will influence the decision to go ahead with all new landscape designs on the majority of occasions, and that is that landscaping can increase the value of a property.

What you might pay to have a landscape design planned and the landscaping created might seem like a cost. However, in reality, it is an investment, and unlike many investments, the return on it can be immediate. If you have your home valued before and after your landscaping has been installed, the second valuation will invariably be several thousand dollars higher than the first.

At this point, we must highlight a caveat to that statement and that is a property’s value increase due to new landscaping will only occur if it has been designed following several key landscaping principles. Simply, ‘updating your garden’ is not going to have anywhere the same impact on your home’s value as having professional landscapers design your landscaping as they will certainly follow those principles. As for what they are, here are the seven most important principles.

Landscape Design Principle #1 – Entrust Your Landscaping To Proven Professionals

Whilst we might be somewhat biased, we assure you that there is no better way to ensure that your new landscaping adds as much value to your property as possible than to employ provisional landscapers. By all means, contribute ideas and what your vision is for the finished landscaping (it is welcomed) but to ensure the best results, use only experts in landscape design.

Landscape Design Principle #2 – A Robust And Healthy Lawn Is Essential

Although not every landscaped garden has a lawn, the vast majority do, and it is normally the predominant feature within most landscape designs. For that reason, you want to ensure that the lawn grass you select emphasises the lawn’s quality, not diminish it. That is achieved by selecting a robust grass, and one which retains its colour all year round.

Landscape Design Principle #3 – Water Features Are Extremely Appealing

We have it on good authority from our real estate friends that a water feature within a landscaped garden is often one of the deciding factors in a buyer saying “Yes” to buying a property. One point here is that a water feature does not have to be an Olympic-size swimming pool but can be a small fountain or pond instead.

Landscape Design Principle #4 – Create A High Level Of Privacy

This can often be up to personal preference as we know many homeowners like openness to their garden. However, many more prefer privacy, and that is why if you are 50-50 on this, we recommend you opt for a landscape design that enhances the privacy within your garden. This can often be a ‘must-have’ for many potential home buyers.

Landscape Design Principle #5 – Instal An Irrigation System

Whilst this will increase the initial cost, the subsequent benefits are substantial. First, it means less effort for you to maintain your garden, aka watering it. However, more applicable, is the fact that having an irrigation system already installed can justify a higher valuation when the time comes to sell your property.

Landscape Design Principle #6 – Err Towards Paving Rather Than Decking

This is another feature where our advice might conflict with your preference, and if so, go with what you prefer. After all, it is your landscaping. Nevertheless, if you have no preference, we suggest opting for paving rather than decking, Not only is it more durable and thus less prone to damage, but its perceived value is much higher than decking, even if that decking is of a high standard.

Landscape Design Principle #7 – Utilise Artificial Lighting To Accentuate Your Home At Night

Even living in a hot sunny area, it will get dark at night. This is when the artificial lighting you have installed as part of your landscape design comes into its own, and illuminates your home to a level that will greatly enhance its appearance and its value.

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