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At Martin Cuthbert Landscapes we believe a project should reflect you. Whether it’s a cutting-edge construction, a lush garden in bloom, or a relaxing oasis in which to while away the day, we take the time to cultivate an affinity and rapport with you. From this a creative landscape can flourish. With a deep understanding of the elements of steel, stone, water and flora we create a landscape that will truly reflect you. It’s in our nature.

When it comes to landscaping projects, we have a deep understanding of the elements of water, steel, stone, and flora. This is important when it comes to creating a landscape design that will truly reflect you. When a variety of elements, such as steel, stone and water come together in harmony, they can create an elegant and tranquil living space. A type of steel that is popular in the transformation of outdoor spaces is corten steel. This steel can be used without the need to paint the surface. Under the influence of weather, a dark brown protective surface forms. This film continues to develop and regenerate so that the steel resists the corrosive effects of weather. The exterior takes on a rust-like appearance that partners elegantly with light and foliage to create a luxurious, durable outdoor look. View Larger View Larger  
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Telstra wall with vertical garden
When it comes to professional landscaping, rooftop gardens might be new to Western Australia, however around the world people are seizing the opportunity to improve their homes and enjoy a variety of benefits by converting their flat rooftops into garden space. Rooftop gardens provide wonderful, relaxing sanctuaries. They also improve the general environment of your neighbourhood by providing habitat to local fauna such as bees, butterflies, birds and other beneficial wildlife. This helps maintain biodiversity, which is of the utmost importance for all species on the planet. Additionally, they can work to insulate a building from heat, air pollution and noise. View Larger Vertical Gardens are another emerging concept in landscaping. With endless design possibilities, at MCLA, we’ll work with you to design a vertical garden that reflects you. An excellent way to maximise limited space, they can also double as a privacy screen and help to define your outdoor landscape. MCLA are the authorised suppliers and installers of Fytogreen products in for Western Australia. Our roof-top gardens and vertical garden-walls provide long term solutions for screening, insulation and environmental control, and the provision of luxurious oasis’s for small spaces, or as dividers in large gardens creating intimate spaces, with minimal maintenance. View Larger View Larger   If you would like to know about vertical gardens, please call us on (08) 9384 9555 or fill in the form – we will get back to you soon. [contact-form-7 id=”187″]
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Phil Daley iceberg hydroponic plants



At Martin Cuthbert Landscape Architecture, we believe a project should reflect your will and conscience to conserve and preserve our environment. Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in water; the perfect reflection of sharing your objectives of conservation and sustainable gardening to protect and preserve our environment. Hydroponics is used to grow fresh produce. It eliminates soil and soil-borne pests and diseases reducing pesticide use and water pollution. Plants will grow up to 50% faster providing increased crop production. Hydroponics is ideal for small lot sizes, apartment balconies or blocks, through to large market gardens. Water usage is reduced to 10% of soil planted plots and there is no digging or weeding. Whether it’s environmental preservation/conservation, a bountiful vegetable crop, or reducing the time and exertion of gardening that you strive for, we take the time to cultivate an affinity and rapport with you. From this a bountiful crop can flourish. View Larger View Larger  
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