Landscape Design 07/12/2022

5 Benefits Trees Give To Every Landscape Design Which Includes Them

5 Benefits Trees Give To Every Landscape Design Which Includes ThemIt is not every landscape design that has trees included in it, but those that do gain several benefits thanks to those trees. Now, if your garden or the plot which is being landscaped is small, then we agree that it might not be possible to include a tree in your landscape design. That does not mean that your landscape design is inferior or will be any less stunning when it is complete, but for practical reasons, particularly size, trees may not be a part of it.

For those who can include one or more trees in your landscape design, then we will explain the benefits of that below, be we must also add a caveat. If you are growing trees from saplings then it may take some time, often running into years, for these benefits to be maximised. The alternative is to plant mature trees which can be a considerable undertaking in both practical and financial terms, but most certainly worth it.

However, whether you take a shortcut, or are happy to be patient until your trees grow, in both cases the trees will be a hugely positive addition to your landscaping. Most obvious will be the natural beauty that is created within your garden by one or more trees and the kaleidoscope of colours that is produced as each season comes and goes. Additionally, you will soon also be reaping the following five benefits thanks to the tree or trees in your landscape design.

Tree Benefit #1 – Cooling Shade

As your tree flowers and the leaves on them grow to their full size each spring and summer, those leaves are going to provide you with your very own natural parasol to shade you from the sun. By placing a tree within your landscaping in a strategic position that lines up with its shade on a seating area, it makes the ideal combination. Alternatively, if your tree creates shade over your home, it can mean it is cooler inside and thus less need for HVAC to be on, saving you money.

Tree Benefit #2 – Cleaning The Air

Depending on where you live will determine the amount of dust and other microscopic impurities that are in the air. Bear in mind, you are breathing these in, so they are not an aid to good health, especially respiratory health. This is where trees come to our aid because they help to purify the air we breathe. They do so by removing the impurities and pollutants as well as taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, reducing greenhouse gas levels also.

Tree Benefit #3 – Oxygen Creation

If filtering the air by removing carbon dioxide and importunities were not already enough, here is another way in which trees help our health. They are what produces oxygen, which is essential for us, and just about every other living creature on the planet, to exist. You might be thinking “Surely a single tree in my landscaped garden cannot make much of a difference”, however, just a single tree in your garden will produce the daily oxygen requirement for four people.

Tree Benefit #4 – Water Purification

So far we have focussed on how trees produce one life-giving element, air, and here is how it positively aids another, and that is water. From being the “Lungs Of The World” they can now also be called “Mother Nature’s Water Filters”. The reason for this is that trees filter rainfall and then release it but, when released, the water has been cleaned of the pollutants that would otherwise be released into your garden, many of which are toxic to other planets and the soil.

Tree Benefit #5 – Property Value Increase

There is no doubt that trees can add value to your property. If you speak to any real estate agent, they will tell you that having a tree in the garden, especially one which is part of a landscape design, can add anything from $1,000 to $10,000 to the asking price of a home. In addition, a tree is also a great selling point and therefore can mean the difference between a buyer saying yes to purchasing your home and them looking elsewhere if your property does not have a tree.

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