Playground 27/02/2017

Nature Playscapes – an escape from the electronic world!

“Go outside and play!” Said every parent at least once. With an ever increasing offering of accessible video games and electronic entertainment, the days of outside play seem to be dwindling. However, Martin Cuthbert Landscape Architecture are trying to remedy this by designing play areas that inspire kids and draw them away from the electronic world.

As a father himself, Martin Cuthbert’s philosophy when it comes to creating play areas for children is to optimise the amount of space that kids can use. “Giving them a blank space, gives them room to create.”
This premise is at the very centre of every outdoor play area that MCLA create.

By giving kids a safe, open and natural environment you provide an escape that is often more fun than manmade structures. “Keep the elements pretty simple – kids like to create a world of their own,” says Martin.
And from a design perspective, this philosophy is ideal. It allows for the creation of an inviting play area for kids, whilst still maintaining the aesthetics of the garden and outdoor living space.

The ‘playscapes’ created by MCLA take the Nature Play concept to the next level. Martin likes to craft ‘secret gardens’ – hideaways that kids can call their own. The appeal, he says, is that this hidden space becomes a place that children can customise and fill with their own treasures.

When creating these spaces, the key, according to Martin, is to “encourage their imaginations – not to impose our ideas.”

So the next time you’ve had to tell your kids to get out of the house, give MCLA a call on 08 9384 9555. We’ll create a playscape that will have you begging your kids to come inside for dinner!


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