Gardening 06/08/2016


At Martin Cuthbert Landscape Architecture, we believe a project should reflect your will and conscience to conserve and preserve our environment.

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in water; the perfect reflection of sharing your objectives of conservation and sustainable gardening to protect and preserve our environment.

Hydroponics is used to grow fresh produce. It eliminates soil and soil-borne pests and diseases reducing pesticide use and water pollution. Plants will grow up to 50% faster providing increased crop production. Hydroponics is ideal for small lot sizes, apartment balconies or blocks, through to large market gardens. Water usage is reduced to 10% of soil planted plots and there is no digging or weeding.

Whether it’s environmental preservation/conservation, a bountiful vegetable crop, or reducing the time and exertion of gardening that you strive for, we take the time to cultivate an affinity and rapport with you. From this a bountiful crop can flourish.


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