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Our landscaping and landscape design teams work around the Mosman Park area on a daily basis. Whether you want a new landscape design, want us to build that landscaping for you, or want our landscapers to provide you with landscaping maintenance services, Martin Cuthbert Landscapes offer it all.

As registered builders, we are able and willing to take on larger projects in Mosman Park and neighbouring Western Suburbs, and given that we have been in existence since 1985, we have no shortage of landscaping experience. We welcome both residential and commercial landscaping clients so whether it is the outside of your home you want to enhance, or are looking to transform the exterior of your business premises, we are ready to help.

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Landscape Design

Our clients across the Western Suburbs, and Mosman Park, in particular, come to us for a variety of landscaping services, and the most comprehensive is landscape design. This is the service that takes what may be a plain, barren piece of commercial land or a dull residential garden, and transforms them into a valuable and eye-catching asset for business owners and homeowners.

Key personnel for landscape design are firstly the landscape architect who is responsible for creating the design. We also have landscapers and builders who are tasked with turning the design from a concept to reality. Other important tasks like obtaining building permits are handled by our support team at HQ.

For any landscape design in Mosman Park, we would implement our proven 10-stage process which has worked for us and our clients for many years. Here is how it works:

  1. First Meeting/Consultation – Our landscape architect meets the client at their property, and from the measurements they take, the client agrees for the landscape architect to produce draft designs.
  2. Design Drafts And Agreement To Quotation – Landscape architect produces draft designs, client selects a design and agrees to us generating a quotation.
  3. Quotation And Final Agreement –  Quotation presented to the client and they agree to proceed including final cost and completion timescale.
  4. Permits And Planning Permission –  Applicable building permits and building approvals from the council are obtained.
  5. Construction – Our landscapers and builders begin the work of creating the landscaping.
  6. Installing Hardscaping – Pathways, decking, walls stone features, pool etc are constructed and installed.
  7. Installing Softscaping – Soil, lawn, flower beds, bushes, shrubs etc are installed.
  8. Client Handover – Work complete and completion certificate signed by the client.
  9. Repair/Maintenance – Any agreed repairs and maintenance are undertaken.
  10. Follow-Up – We revisit the property at 4 weeks and 12 months to inspect work.

Some of our landscaping work

Garden Landscaping Mosman Park

Landscape Maintenance

Apart from undertaking landscape design and construction we want our Mosman Park clients to enjoy and benefit from their landscaping for as long as possible, which is why we offer a comprehensive menu of repair and maintenance services for commercial and residential landscaping.

These services range from simply advising clients the best ways to maintain their landscaping if they plan to do it themselves, to us setting up a bespoke maintenance schedule to ensure their landscaping is in top condition at all times. Within the range of maintenance services we provide are:

  • One-time or scheduled admittance visits
  • Hardscaping repairs
  • Care and repair of plants, foliage, and lawns
  • Lawn mowing
  • Water feature maintenance and repairs
  • Pest control
  • Disease control

For more information on these, or for any other landscape maintenance needs you may have, please get in touch.

Commercial Landscaping

Throughout the Western Suburbs, and specifically in Mosman Park, we are proud of our many successful commercial landscaping projects. One of the reasons we can undertake many of these projects that other landscapers cannot commit to is due to us being registered builders. That allows us to design and construct commercial landscaping on a greater scale and with a wider scope for many of the landscape design elements.

Should you become one of our commercial landscaping clients, you will be delighted that we offer some of the most competitive prices for this type of work. Even better, we appreciate that a business owner’s time is valuable, so to make our association as convenient as possible we allocate a project manager,  giving clients a single point of contact throughout the project period.

Our commercial landscaping services cover every aspect of the work you may need and includes:

  • Renewing of plants and foliage
  • Regrowing and regeneration of land
  • Commercial landscaping maintenance and repair
  • Landscape architect to design your landscaping
  • Landscaping construction

As well as business customers in we are also delighted to work with local and state government offices, non-profit organisations, and other non-residential clients.


Don’t take our word for it.

Our valued customers are our best testimonials.

Martin showed us how it was possible to keep the basic shape and boundaries of our landscaped area, thus avoiding significant cost, and yet apply a total redesign to walls, walkways, shelter and a tropical, “resort-like” feel.

MCL Customer

It is nice to have a friendly company that are easy to deal with and do fantastic work. Their design and landscaping is sensational.

Ben Sweeny

Martin’s team implemented the design in a friendly and professional manner and no query was too small to be attended to. The project was completed within the time frame specified and our yard was left in an immaculate condition.

MCLA Customer

The pleasant contact and liaisons with all staff pre, during and post installation led to a finish we are very happy with. As the garden is establishing itself, we have had rewarding comments from neighbours and passers-by alike.

Rob Meiring

Residential Landscaping Services

There is no doubt many people living in Western Suburbs other than Mosman Park would love to swap places with those who do here. Its awesome location with beautiful views of the coastline makes it a much-sought-after place to live. Much of that appeal is thanks to Mosman Park’s existing residents and the many ways they have enhanced the appearance of their homes.

One of the most effective ways of achieving that is with landscaping and is why our residential landscaping services are in constant demand in Mosman Park. Some of the landscaping services we provide residential clients include:

  • Installing outdoor kitchens
  • Pool design/construction
  • Water feature design/construction
  • Garden renovation
  • Landscape construction by registered builders and professional landscapers
  • Landscape maintenance including advice
  • Residential landscape design by an experienced landscape architect

If you are unsure how landscaping can improve the exterior of your home, or already have ideas and want some advice in making them a reality, then get in touch and the team here at Martin Cuthbert Landscapes will be delighted to assist and advise you.

Why Our Clients Love Our Landscaping Services

In 1985, when Martin Cuthbert founded the landscaping company that bears his name, he started on a near 40 years mission that has established us as the premier landscapers in the Western Suburbs. Just reading some of our client testimonials will confirm that, but adding more fuel to the fire are the numerous industry awards Martin Cuthbert Landscapes has received.

In addition, our membership of several industry associations such as Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers, Urban Development Institute of Australia, and Master Builders Assoc. W.A, go further in proving our passion for landscaping.

Undoubtedly it is that passion that our clients see whenever we take on a landscaping project and our overriding aim is to make them the latest client to absolutely love the landscaping services we have provided them.

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