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Our landscaping and landscape design teams work around the Floreat area on a daily basis. We can offer landscaping services of all kinds including landscape design, landscaping construction, and landscaping maintenance. In Floreat and other Western Suburbs, our landscaping services are provided for both residential and commercial properties.

Whilst we know other landscapers in the Floreat area are available, few of them can offer the range and scale of landscaping that Martin Cuthbert Landscapes can. This is further enhanced by us being registered builders and thus able to take on larger landscaping projects that require considerable construction work.

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Landscape Maintenance

The key to any landscaping retaining its appearance and functionality is regular maintenance, and if you wish to do that yourself, then we will gladly advise on the best ways of doing so. However, if like most other residents in Floreat, you would rather our landscapers did it for you, then we will happily set up a maintenance schedule to suit your specific needs.

Some of the maintenance services we provide are:

  • Weed control
  • Disease and pest control
  • Mowing lawns
  • Horticultural care
  • Water feature repair and maintenance
  • Hardscaping repair and maintenance

all these services will be provided by our team of enthusiastic and professional landscapers who take as much pride in maintaining landscaping as they do in creating it.

Some of our landscaping work

Garden Landscaping Floreat

Commercial Landscaping

For businesses in Floreat and neighbouring Western Suburbs, we provide a comprehensive array of commercial landscaping services. These can turn the outside of a business’s premises from dull and unappealing to something which every visitor to that business will remark upon positively.

One of the huge advantages for clients of Martin Cuthbert Landscape when it comes to commercial landscaping is we are registered builders. It is rare for landscaping companies to also be registered builders, but because we are, it allows us to undertake many larger commercial landscaping construction projects that other landscapers are unable to consider. Some of the core commercial landscaping services which we offer in Floreat are.

  • Restoring and regenerating commercial land
  • Commercial landscaping development
  • Commercial landscape design by a landscape architect
  • Landscaping construction
  • Landscaping maintenance (one-off or scheduled)

We also pride ourselves on the fact that we provide our commercial clients throughout the Western Suburbs, including Floreat, a landscape project manager who becomes a convenient and single point of contact. In addition, our reputation for having some of the most competitively priced commercial landscaping services is one we cherish.

Residential Landscaping Services

The residents of Floreat are fortunate to live in one of the most desirable areas, not just in the Western Suburbs, but the whole of Western Australia. A key reason for that is due to the care and attention many Floreat homeowners pay to their properties, and therefore little wonder we get so many enquiries for residential landscape services.

Not only do our residential landscaping services enhance the beauty of the exterior of domestic properties, but they are also undoubtedly an investment, given that when comparing two identical properties it is the one with professional landscaping that will always have the highest value. Our residential landscaping services run to a long list, and here are some the most popular:

  • Scheduled or one-time landscaping maintenance
  • Landscape maintenance advice
  • Bespoke residential landscape designs from a landscape architect
  • Construction from registered builders
  • Landscaping installed by professional landscapers
  • Garden restoration and renovation
  • Water feature installation
  • Pool construction (including resort-style pools)
  • Outdoor kitchen installation

If you wish to discuss residential landscaping for your home then please called us and we will be delighted to advise you on what your options are.


Don’t take our word for it.

Our valued customers are our best testimonials.

Martin showed us how it was possible to keep the basic shape and boundaries of our landscaped area, thus avoiding significant cost, and yet apply a total redesign to walls, walkways, shelter and a tropical, “resort-like” feel.

MCL Customer

It is nice to have a friendly company that are easy to deal with and do fantastic work. Their design and landscaping is sensational.

Ben Sweeny

Martin’s team implemented the design in a friendly and professional manner and no query was too small to be attended to. The project was completed within the time frame specified and our yard was left in an immaculate condition.

MCLA Customer

The pleasant contact and liaisons with all staff pre, during and post installation led to a finish we are very happy with. As the garden is establishing itself, we have had rewarding comments from neighbours and passers-by alike.

Rob Meiring

Landscape Design

Often, the landscaping service we receive most enquiries about in Floreat is landscaping design. For anyone looking to transform a residential garden or the land around commercial property, it is the starting point. At Martin Cuthbert Landscapes, our experience has allowed us to develop an extensive and proven process that has 10 steps and allows clients to know exactly what stage we are at and what comes next.

Some of the main contributors to making each landscaping project we undertake a success, not just in Floreat, but in other Western Suburbs, is a landscape architect, landscapers who construct and install the landscaping and not forgetting our team at our HQ who carry out essential tasks like acquiring building permits and council approvals.

We have outlined below what a typical landscaping project will entail and how we take some initial ideas that a client and our landscape architect might have, and turn them into complete landscapes which function wonderfully and look stunning.

  1. Consultation – Landscape architect meets with the client, measures, and surveys the area, and the client agrees to draft design being created.
  2. Design Drafts And Client Agreement To Design – The client is shown design drafts by the landscape architect and agrees to a quotation being created.
  3. Agreement To Proceed – Client selects a final design, accepts the quotation, final cost and target completion date also agreed.
  4. Approvals – Council approval sought and building permits obtained.
  5. Construction Starts – Our landscapers begin the work of constructing the agreed landscaping design.
  6. Hardscaping – ‘Hard’ items such as pathways, walls, steps, decking, and stone features are installed.
  7. Softscaping – Soil, lawns, bushes, shrubs, and flowers are prepared and planted/installed.
  8. Completion And Handover – Install completed, client approval and completion certificate signed off.
  9. Maintenance/Repairs – Maintenance advice provided to client or agreement for us to maintain landscaping.
  10. Follow-Up – We check installation after 1 month and 12 months.

Why Our Landscaping Services Are Unsurpassed

You do not have to take our word for that,  check out the many testimonials on our website for confirmation. Beyond client testimonials,  we are the proud winners of several landscape industry awards. Add to this to our membership of several landscaping associations including Housing Industry Association, Landscape Industry Association, and Australian Institute of Horticulture, and it is hopefully clear that landscaping is our passion.

When Martin Cuthbert established his landscaping company back in 1985 we are not sure if he believed at the time it would become one of the most sought after landscaping companies in the Western Suburbs. He should have because if you ever meet Martin and the subject being discussed is landscaping, you will soon see his passion for yourself.

Martin,  along with our landscapers, landscape architects, and head office team are all proud of our record to date and would be honoured if you were to join our long list of delighted landscaping clients.

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